Cunningham D'Souza Family Scholarship

2022 Cunningham D'Souza Family Scholarship


The CUNNINGHAM and D’SOUZA Family Scholarship honours the life of Bernard Joseph Cunningham (1905-1989) his wife Gertrude Lillias Cunningham (1905-1982) and their daughter Frances Mary D’Souza (1936-1986) all of whom were dedicated teachers, who made notable contributions to education in the Illawarra region.

It is a representation of their family’s desire to support students who are nearing the end of their degree, and serves to recognise the next generation of quality educators by providing support to students seeking to do Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (in the areas of History or English) or Education (Honours).

Applications are asked to complete a UOW scholarship application package, and a one page statement outlining their community involvement, and how the scholarship will assist with their career ambitions within the field of Education.

Open from 22/Dec/2021 to 13/Mar/2022