Transforming Futures Scholarship- Current Students

2024 Transforming Futures Scholarships- Current Students



Transforming Futures Scholarships are made possible through generous gifts from UOW alumni, staff and donors. These scholarships recognise the capacity in all students and seek to provide support to ensure students can participate in and make the most of their higher education.

Transforming Futures Scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated need such as financial or social disadvantage, and recognises those who have been involved in activities which add value to the community.

There are a range of criteria that are looked at in determining this need such as low income, family background, living in a rural or isolated region, having a permanent disability, being a recent migrant from a non-English speaking country, and Indigenous Australians.

- To apply for the 2024 Transforming Futures Scholarship - Current Students, use the 'APPLY' button below

- Once you apply for the scholarship using the link below, UOW will contact you when the UAC Equity application is open for submission



Open from 09/Feb/2024 to 26/Apr/2024