Honorary Chapter Scholarship Program

2024 Honorary Chapter Scholarship Program


The University of Wollongong's Honorary Chapter is composed of a group of alumni, retired academic staff and people connected to the University who have been awarded either a Fellowship Doctorate Degree or Emeritus Professorship.

Honoraries help promote the University on a global level and they focus on ways in which they can utilise their skills and talent to support UOW.

The Chapter is dedicated to providing financial assistance for students in need so they can excel in their studies and explore the depths of their degree. The aim of this scholarship is to shape the next generation of innovators and creators in their chosen fields and vocation who are committed to giving back to their communities. 

- To apply for the 2024 Honorary Chapter Scholarship Program, use the 'APPLY' button below

- Once you apply for the scholarship using the link below, UOW will contact you when the UAC Equity application is open for submission



Open from 09/Feb/2024 to 26/Apr/2024