Regional Communication and Media Scholarship

2021 Regional Communication and Media Scholarship



The Regional Journalism Scholarship is being offered to 1st year or 2nd year Regional or Remote Journalism Students as part of the Regional Journalism Scholarships program, which was one of the three measures announced as part of the Government's Regional and Small Publishers Jobs and Innovation Package. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist scholarship recipients in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to operate effectively as journalists in a regional or remote area in the contemporary news media industry, and to be job ready at the completion of their studies.

The successful applicant will receive a stipend each semester (3 in total) to use towards study related expenses and payment for tuition. The successful applicant will be required to make the payment towards tuition from the scholarship funding and the billing type must be set to 'HECS-HELP Partial' for duration of the scholarship.

This activity received grant funding from the Australian Government.

Open from 23/Sep/2021 to 31/Oct/2021