Tertiary Access Payment (TAP)

Tertiary Access Payment (TAP)


The Tertiary Access Payment (TAP) is a one-off $5000 scholarship provided by the Australian Government to help reduce the financial pressure of moving away from home to start full time tertiary studies. It is designed to assist with the costs of travel, transport, accommodation etc.

Eligible students completed year 12 in 2020, and are relocating from an outer-regional, remote, or very remote area, more than 90 minutes away from the location of their course at UOW. You can check your eligibility by using the Student Regional Area Search tool.

TAP recipients will receive a total of $5000, which will be paid in two instalments over the year. $3000 will be paid upon confirmation of enrolment for session 1 at the end of March 2021, followed by $2000 paid upon confirmation of enrolment for session 2 at the end of August 2021.

Open from 25/Jan/2021 to 30/Apr/2021