Recovery Camp Nursing Scholarship

2023 - Recovery Camp Nursing Scholarship


Recovery Camp delivers award-winning shared-learning programs to health students and people living with mental illness. For nursing students, Recovery Camp provides a supported, firsthand clinical experience of the recovery-oriented settings where students learn about the theoretical components of their courses. 

Since 2013 Recovery Camp has provided over 72,000 hours of clinical placement experience for students of nursing, psychology, exercise science, and nutrition and dietetics. 

The Recovery Camp Nursing Scholarship supports a first year nursing student with $1000 per year, over 3 years of their degree. The scholarship also includes the opportunity to attend Recovery Camp as part of nursing clincial placement requirements (pending School approval), with the student’s program expenses covered. 

Applicants are required to complete a UAC Equity Application, and a UOW scholarship application including a one (1) page statement outlining their interest and commitment to working well with people with lived experience of mental illness

Open from 14/Feb/2023 to 28/Apr/2023