Motion Asia Pacific Work Integrated Learning Scholarship in Engineering

2022 Motion Asia Pacific Work Integrated Learning Scholarship in Engineering

Work Integrated Learning


At Motion Asia Pacific, our central mission is to keep customer plant and equipment operating safely, efficiently and sustainably. As such, we are seeking students from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences (Mechanical, Mechatronics or Electrical) for the exciting opportunity to complete a Work Integrated Learning Scholarship in 2022. This scholarship affords the successful candidate the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience, play an active role and support an ongoing project over the duration of the program. Preference for the scholarships will be given to rural and regional students that satisfy all other criteria.

Motion Asia Pacific sits apart from comparative competitors because of our collective technical know-how combined with customer centricity. With over 180 branches across our Asia Pacific footprint, we provide local service where it's needed, our extensive core product lines equate to a presence in almost all industrial Motion Asia Pacific 2022 and trade sectors. We believe that being a part of the community brings with it a responsibility to support and strengthen our communities building on our partnerships, working to keep us all connected to one another, while improving the quality of life for our workforce and local community at large.

Open from 16/Aug/2022 to 09/Oct/2022