Motion Asia Pacific Community Scholarship

2022 Motion Asia Pacific Community Scholarship



At Motion Asia Pacific, we believe that being a part of the community brings with it a responsibility to support and strengthen those communities, building on our partnerships, working to keep us all connected to one another, while improving the quality of life for our workforce and local community at large. With over 180 branches across our Asia Pacific footprint, we provide local service where it’s needed, our extensive core product lines equate to a presence in almost all industrial and trade sectors.

As such, we are seeking to support regional and rural students from the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences (Mechanical, Mechatronic or Electrical). The focus of the Scholarship is to financially assist the successful candidates throughout the course of their degree, affording them the opportunity to find more time and energy to focus on studies thereby creating a stronger foundation for their future success.

Open from 26/Jul/2022 to 21/Aug/2022