Jack Goldring Memorial Scholarship

2023 Jack Goldring Memorial Scholarship



All University of Wollongong law students, past and present, are the beneficiaries of the commitment to student centred learning and the connectedness of a 'small' law school - a culture of which Jack Goldring was the chief architect. 

Part of Jack's motivation for the style of law school he established at UOW was his passion for facilitating wide access to legal education. For Jack, this was an integral component of the School of Law's responsibility to contribute to the pursuit of social justice via programs and policies to support equal opportunity into law for Indigenous students and students from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The purpose of the Jack Goldring Memorial Scholarship Fund is to both honour the UOW School of Law Foundation Dean, the late Jack Goldring and provide financial support for high achieving LLB students with a commitment to social justice. 

Selection will be based on shortlisting and interview


Open from 23/Jun/2023 to 27/Aug/2023